Simple|Secure | Flexible Telehealth

Take control of the telehealth experience and implement something easy for the patient as well as the provider.
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HIPAA compliant now = HIPAA compliant later for a completely secure solution post-pandemic.


Web-based telehealth video visits on any browser, no downloads required.


Includes iOS and Android mobile app options for more app-savvy patients.

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Amazing Patient Experience


Everyone wants a remote visit to be easy. For some patients that means no downloads, for others that means a mobile app. Your patients can choose the remote visit style that’s just right for them.

Patient Scheduling Directly Online


Set your availability and let patients schedule themselves online without having to call the office. Establish hours for an online waiting room if you would like to offer “walk-in” remote visits.

Set Appointment Types


Different types of visits demand different amounts of time. Instead of having just one default visit length, maximize your schedule by creating appointment types and controlling the time allocated to each.

Minimize No-Shows


Avoid no-shows with automated appointment confirmations and reminders for remote visits. Confirm, cancel or reschedule telehealth appointments online to decrease call volume.

Personalize the Encounter


Add your own pictures, messages, or practice specific colors to greet patients “at the door” during their encounter to make things feel familiar and friendly.

Protect Patient Retention


Enable your routine patients to remotely continue care with you and your clinic while increasing positive touchpoints with customized automated outreach.

Built for Bluetooth Connections


Many patients are beginning to measure a full range of health vitals at home with internet-connected monitors for blood pressure, glucose, SPo2 readings, and more. Sharing their numbers with you before, during or after a remote visit is easy.

Equipped for Patient Pay


If you prefer to have patients pay for certain types of visits or you’ve considered creating a chronic care monthly monitoring program to supplement provider income, it’s easy to automatically collect payments from patients.

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